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Mr. Peter Jagtiani

Self Defense Trainer

Mr. Peter Jagtiani is presently serving as a Technical Chairman in Taekwondo Federation of India. He is a renowned International Taekwondo trainer and a fitness trainer as well. He holds a 5th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo.

Mr. Jagtiani is a formidable competitor and has taken part in numerous competitions at national and international level and has won several trophies and medals over the years. He is well versed with conducting large capacity national and international Taekwondo events. To name a few, he has participated as a coach in several international events like ‘International Taekwondo Championship, Malaysia’, ‘International Women’s Taekwondo Championship, Korea’ and ‘Self Defense for Woman Seminar in Singapore’.

His achievements include participation and recognition in the following events:

• 1st JCALICU MBW International Taekwondo Invitational Championship 2014 – Malaysia

• 1st Dan Black Belt in Hap Ki Do – New Zealand

• 5th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo – South Korea

• 3rd Alexandria International Open Taekwondo Championships 2009 – Egypt

• FISU, 10th World University Taekwondo Championship 2008 – Belgrade

• Haidong Gumdo 2006 – South Korea

• The World Taekwondo Hanamadang 2005 – South Korea

• 7th World Taekwondo Festival 2005 – Taiwan

• 6th International Taekwondo Festival 2004 – South Korea

• 13th World Senior Taekwondo Championship 2003 – Poland

• Self defence for women seminar 2003 – Singapore

• The 2nd Korea Gyeongju International Women’s Taekwondo Open Championship 2003 – South Korea