Training for Everyone and Everything

Sunil Gulati

Corporate Trainer

Mr. Sunil Gulati has worked with various organizations at senior positions conducting strategic consulting, run management development courses, communications skills, leadership skills, soft skills and for the labour development.

Overall, he has work experience of about 36 years, which has mainly been contributed towards training and development of the prospective managers, entrepreneurs to take the reins in their hands for smooth operations and profit generating organizations.

His focus is always on business needs and that any development intervention is an investment that must deliver a return. Quite simply the return to investment comes from meeting the business needs.

He has conducted sessions on training, development, delivery and follows up. His experience includes formal training and development need analysis activity and need establishment through appraisal.

He has expertise in communication skills, soft skills, team building, and team development. He uses a combination of tailored activities i.e. performance management and management training is the areas in business .His pragmatic real world approach ensures that he understands and responds to the issues related to management of pressure.

His areas of expertise include communication skills, soft skills, vendor management, outsourcing, negotiations skills, leadership skills, professional ethics, security Management, presentations skills and time management. He has trained more than 50,000 people in various spheres at all levels with various well – known organizations of the country.