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Bhawna Sharma

Corporate Trainer

Ms. Bhawna Sharma has attained a Masters degree in management specializing in HR and Marketing. She is well-known as an effective communicator having excellent relationship management skills and diverse experience in marketing management and general management.

She is a certified corporate trainer, and has a proven track record in coaching and training corporates of all levels in the organizational hierarchy being a thorough HR professional. She is considered a very accomplished and well known trainer who can tap upon the potential of people and guide them towards goals. She has years of experience in mentoring and guiding management students in diverse areas, including International business, HR, Strategy and Marketing. Ms. Bhawna has expertise in communication skills, both in written and verbal forms. Also, her value includes teamwork, honesty and good personal relations. She respects diversity of characteristics, ideas and preferences in the workplace.

Her area of expertise include soft skills training, effective verbal and written communication skills. Ms. Bhawna’s primary motive is to use her skills in the best possible way for achieving the company’s goals and enhance her capabilities in a dynamic, professional and a stable workplace. She is an interactive, social, confident and humble person and likes to work on challenging and interesting projects accompanied by a strong desire to work with others towards a common goal.