Training for Everyone and Everything

Deepika Munot

Corporate Trainer

Ms. Deepika Munot is a soft skills trainer. According to her, India is a huge bank of fresh talent waiting to be tapped. However the young professionals lack the suitable soft skills necessary to showcase their talent and quite a few of them miss out on opportunities which otherwise would have been theirs for the taking. A need to fill this gap is present and urgent. As a trainer, she seeks to bridge this gap between raw talent and a finished product.

Her repertoire of training modules includes communication skills, personality development, facing interviews, resume writing, group discussions, campus to corporate transition, cultural sensitivity, team work, leadership skills, crisis management, stress management, customer care, presentation skills, correspondence skills, and grooming etc. She imparts training to child protection officers, MLTCs, police personnel, social workers, NGOs, government employees, nationalized bank employees, etc in a variety of skills that are required in their field of work, such as advocacy, use and need of IEC techniques (Information, Education, Communication), sensitivity training, training needs assessment, development communication, customer care, etc.

She has taken various soft skills sessions for the following Companies / Institutes:
• CDAC franchisee – Orlando Academy
• Maharaja Ranjit Singh College of Management and Technology
• Vikrant Group of Institutes (Indore and Gwalior)
• National Institute for People’s Cooperation and Child Development
• Edumedia, Mumbai
• Fands India Ltd., Pune
• Permier Biosoft
• School of Social Work
• College of Agriculture
• Work Better India and many more