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Prof. M. Guruprasad

Corporate Trainer

Mr. Guruprasad is currently serving as an associate professor and head of academics and alumni at AICAR Business School, Mumbai. He has been a core faculty of AICAR business school since its inception. He has over 20 years of experience in teaching and research in the areas of economics, banking, finance, quantitative methods and marketing.

He has published many articles in various Journals, conferences, industry magazines and newspapers. He has conducted workshops and training programs in research, economics as well as other areas of management. He has guided numerous academic and live research projects. Beyond teaching Mr. Guruprasad has been involved in various institution building activities such as overall academic administration, handling departments, mentoring students, conducting and coordinating workshops/MDP(Management Development Program) program, MDP activities ,distance learning programs, admissions and placements. He has been the member of various institutional committees including the Academic Advisory Committee.

Apart from guiding various academic and live projects, Mr. Guruprasad has experience of working in the Marketing Research Industry. He has handled various corporate research projects for well known Indian companies and MNCs and has been involved in various social development research/projects.

He has authored two books for the Insurance Institute of India for their advanced course namely:

He has been a renowned author for a well-known online column known as “Economics for Everyone” for the website