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Karishma Rawtani

Corporate Trainer

Ms. Karishma is a yoga trainer and nutritionist having years of experience in her field. She has attained a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Delhi University and a Diploma in Fashion Designing. She has worked as a fashion merchandiser in Balloons Fashion House. She has completed her yoga training from Mumbai. She is a well known yoga trainer.

She believes that most of the diseases are directly or indirectly linked with the undisciplined life style and wrong food habits. Therefore, yoga comes here to play a vital role with a complete drug-less and holistic approach to cure and prevent the disease. According to her, yoga is a complete science of life and an ideal way of living, which touches the life of man at each and every level. Physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga help to make one’s life purposeful, useful and noble by providing total health, peace, and wisdom. Yoga is a holistic approach of asanas and pranayamas which provide stable foundation for exploration of body, breath, mind and beyond. Her sessions help to build strength, stability, flexibility and mental calm.