Training for Everyone and Everything

Amit Kumar

Corporate Trainer

Ms. Tanushree is a professional trainer of great credentials and history of contributing training expertise in promoting professional excellence across diverse functional disciplines. She is a certified corporate trainer accredited by American Tesol Institute on Behavioral Skills Training and Advanced Facilitation training. She has demonstrated matured professional grip in designing & delivering high impact training modules catering to the specialized needs of corporate and individuals.

Electrifying speaker and can motivate and activate humans with her unique style. She trains in a way, which engages, and leaves the people spellbound. She has mastery in bringing out the best in every human being through her trainings, motivational speaking, coaching and also key note speaking.

She has proven competencies in application of modernized training methodology to generate far-reaching impact on the psyche of all levels of participants and liberate the hidden human potential.

Programs designed where one can learn to manage ones time, set goals, get motivated, and achieve a higher level of success. Ms. Tanushree posses the qualification of Chartered Accountancy. She possess both technical skills as she has worked with various reputed organizations and soft skills due to great reading habit and professional speaking, that makes her the unique corporate trainer.