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Corporate Trainer

BOLT India is an independent IT education and corporate training service provider delivering result driven education. Through an integrated learning approach that incorporates new knowledge to real life applications, BOLT India delivers a full range of technology and business skills training. From basic application desktop productivity tools to complex IT systems, it has all the solutions.

They lay emphasis on real life scenarios and create customized products. The materials are designed to be user friendly and actively involve participants.

For their corporate training programmes, BOLT India employ the most experienced and qualified instructors in the industry. All of the mentors are certified professionals in their respective subjects have years of training experience. All trainers are equipped with latest tools, technologies and training delivery methods.

They offer the following:

• In-House Workshops – The facilitators conduct a variety of learning programs/workshops on web site at the client’s facilities.

• Change Implementation Consulting- In this, they guide the clients through the methods of managing the human aspects of implementing a modification effort.

• Public Workshops- BOLT India has a tendency to deliver a spread of public offerings with open enrollment scheduled throughout the year.

• Tailored Programs, Simulations, and Learning Tools- Bolt India works with its purchasers to style and deliver customized programs, simulations and learning tools that are formed by the organization’s desires and business strategy.

• Facilitator Training- The Master Facilitators certify workers to deliver their development programs.

• Performance Management- In performance management they work to style integrated performance management processes to boost employee’s current performance and their future price to the organization.

• Team Training- They offer team coaching that may evaluates the state of work teams and train them to become high performing, synergistic groups.

• Individual Training- In individual training, BOLT India provides one-on-one assessment and training to help people with specific areas linked to their skills and personal effectiveness.